Charitable Donations Suffer During NHL Lockout By: Jay Kolls- See the video here....

"When the Wild don't drop the puck, the trickle down affects hockey programs and charities across the state. One of the charities hit hardest is called "Defending the Blue Line."

It's a Hastings-based non-profit that raises money and helps military families keep their kids on the ice when dad, or mom, is serving overseas.

But, this year things could get a little tight if the NHL lockout is protracted.

Defending the Blue Line says it could lose $150,000 if the entire season is lost.

It depends on player and team financial donations and also the star power backing of auction items donated by the team.

All of that dries up during a lockout.

Right now, Defending the Blue Line helps about 3,000 hockey families across the state. It also has volunteers that help military families get kids to and from the rink when there is more than one hockey player in the family."

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