DTBL Presentation at Town Hall Meeting


Pictured:  DTBL vice president Chris Blauert, SSgt Trevor Quigley, Rick Erredge and The Minnesota Adjutant General, Major General Richard C. Nash.

On Thursday, December 13, 2012, The Minnesota Adjutant General held a town hall meeting at the Hastings MN National Guard Armory.  At the meeting, DTBL representatives Chris Blauert and Rick Erredge presented information to the General and his staff about DTBL, who we are, what we do, and who we help.  SSgt Trevor Quigley, a member of the MN National Guard, who’s family has received MN Wild tickets and who’s son was outfitted with gear in the DTBL office this fall, came to talk about his experiences with DTBL.  He commented that through the NHL tickets and the equipment, DTBL has provided his son with much more than just gear.  He said his son had a great time at the game and now has a favorite Wild player, Cal Clutterbuck.  He also said that playing hockey as part of a team is providing him valuable life lessons that he knows he will always be able to carry with him.

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