Burnzie's Equipment Drive 2013

2013 San Jose Equipment Drive:

With the great success of the San Jose, California equipment drive in 2011, Brent Burns and Cathy Andrade decided to do another in 2013. It was amazing to see how so many people participated in this drive that benefitted so many military families.

The drive went from April 8 - April 19, 2013. There were raffle give-a-ways from Graf Canada and Brent Burn's autographed items at the drive. This drive was also to help celebrate and honor Cathy Andrade's Power Hour's 15th Anniversary. Happy Anniversary, Cathy, from DTBL.

Equipment donated: 242 equipment pieces (57 pairs skates) and 172 socks/jersey/soft misc

Click on a photo below to go to the gallery:

 Check out the last equipment drive: December 19, 2011 - January 2, 2012

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