MWR Team FRONTENAC Receives Gear From DTBL

During the December 2012 USO Holiday tour, DTBL's Shane Hudella met troops from MWR Team FRONTENAC.  After the tour, DTBL sent hockey gear out to this unit. They in turn sent photos. As you can see they have a big interest in hockey games overseas. Thank you MWR Team Frontenac for all you do to protect us and our nation.

A message from the soldiers:
"I want to let you know that we just received your Shipment/Donation with the Hockey Equipment. Thank you very much for your generous donation and desire to help the MWR Team Frontenac to provide the Best MWR Service possible to our Client/Soldiers and keep their Morale, Welfare and Recreation on the highest level possible! This means a lot to all of us together here at FOB FRONTENAC, AFGHANISTAN, I am so excited and thankful and I am sure, what is most important, that Soldiers are going to love it and be very happy because of this. As we spoke earlier, the next Hockey Tournament will be dedicated to promotion of your generous donation and we’ll make sure they you get a nice pictures from the Hockey Rink with Soldiers enjoying the Hockey Equipment and playing Hockey with the brand new and full Hockey gear!" -  Greetings from, FOB FRONTENAC!

Click on a photo to go to the gallery:


They also sent photos of the "The Christmas Hockey Tournament”:

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