A Letter From Alex

This is a must read letter that was received by DTBL:

Hi my name is Alex I heard about your program through melony nelson of beyond the yellow ribbon  and I am writing because I need some new hockey skates. Im a pewee and im on  the B2 team. I really like it but I need some new skates because of 2 reasons the first is because the bottoms of my skate where my foot goes in  comes out and slides around and I get welts on my foot and that hurts. The last reason is that I can’t get my foot in them because there to old and I used them so much. I have one last question, is there any chance that my brother and I could go to a camp in st cloud MN that you would sponsor?  Oh one more thing I need to buy an new set of shin pads because mine got cracked in practice. 

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