Derek Boogaard Memorial


Derek Boogaard, DTBL friend and supporter, will be sadly missed. His legend lives on with "Boogaard's Boogaardian's". Derek and DTBL started "Boogaard's Boogaardian's" to send military children to hockey camp shortly after DTBL was formed. Derek loved working with the military children. Upon Derek's death, the Boogaard family asked that all memorials go to Defending The Blue Line for "Boogaard's Boogaardian's". To this day, the memorials continue to come in memory of  him. Recently, the family of Derek Boogaard donated 150 tickets to Defending The Blue Line for the Minnesota Wild's tribute night on Sunday, November 27th, 2011.  On that same night the MN Wild and the Boogaard Family made a large donation to DTBL.

Donate to Boogaard's Boogaardians in memory of Derek Boogaard.


We at DTBL would like to thank the Boogaard family and all who have donated to Defending The Blue Line in memory of Derek.

Click on the photo's below to see the gallery of pictures, comments, and names of those who have donated in memory of Derek Boogaard:

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