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"Homes for Heroes" became a partner of Defending The Blue Line® in 2012.

May 2014 - Shane Tibiatowski of Homes for Heroes is offering $500 to DTBL for every home they build. Read more about their partnership with Defending The Blue Line®.

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2012 - Thank you to the foundation and people of "Homes for Heroes" for donating $1000 towards the trip costs for DTBL to go to Washington DC to attend the Joining Forces Challenge Event.

Homes for Heroes – Our Story

Shortly following the tragic events of 09/11/2001, there was a call to action, by our government, to the private sector to ‘step up to the plate’ and give back to our communities.  If America was to survive the threat to our freedom, it would take the entire country, working together to stay strong.  The founder of Homes for Heroes watched, with the rest of the world, as the brave community service providers risked their lives by digging through the rubble in the aftermath of the attack on our nation…

Homes for Heroes was organized by a family with deep roots in the real estate industry.  They wanted to find a way to give back to the heroes who serve their communities and country, every day.  They defined heroes as police and peace officers, firefighters, Emts, military personnel, educators, healthcare workers and others whose service provides such value to our communities and nation.  Since real estate was their business, and since the founder of the company could find no rebates or discounts available to our heroes on real estate related services, they decided that creating the Homes for Heroes program would be their way of giving back.

Homes for Heroes affiliates with Realtors, lenders and other real estate related service providers who agree to give significant rebates and discounts to our heroes.  The company started in Minnesota and through the far reaching powers of cause marketing and the internet, Homes for Heroes expanded into a nationwide company.  Homes for Heroes currently have affiliates in 40 states and we are rapidly growing.  The company’s growing numbers of affiliates have found that giving back is not only the right thing to do; it’s good business.

With their core model in place, Homes for Heroes expanded its discounts beyond the home buying and selling process by creating Friends of Heroes.  Friends of Heroes encompass all of the generous companies who have contacted Homes for Heroes and expressed their willingness to give back.

The Homes for Heroes name has become highly recognizable.  Shortly following the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, the company began receiving requests from injured soldiers who were in need of housing assistance.  The stories were so many and so compelling that the owners of Homes for Heroes made the decision to organize the Homes for Heroes Foundation.  The Foundation is a 501(c)(3), public charity that provides housing resources and financial assistance to the same group of heroes.  The foundation’s mission is to be a ‘fill in the gap’ solution for heroes who are waiting for other benefits they have applied for.  The foundation has provided funds for housing modifications to accommodate injuries sustained in the line of duty, rent for a soldier who is hospitalized and still needs to provide for his/her family and more. Again, most typically assistance is small checks to cover cost of living needs during the red tape waiting for pay.

If their needs are beyond the scope of our mission or available funds, the foundation will aggressively attempt to find other resources to fulfill requests. For example we have reached out to local churches for aid in clothing, groceries, car repair and employment opportunities for heroes in need.

The Homes for Heroes Foundation, through its growing network of contractors and generous donors, will endeavor to provide assistance to those who serve our country and communities every day.


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