Lakeville Hockey Association


Lakeville Hockey Association supports Defending The Blue Line®.

September 2013 - Lakeville Hockey Association provided an entire van packed with badly needed goalie gear to DTBL.


2013  -The LHA hosts two major tournaments each year. They are conducting equipment drives at both tournaments. The Freeze Tournament, Pee Wee B2 tournament consisting of 12 teams, has brought in a ton of gear for the DTBL military kids. Thank you to LHA for their great support.

2012 - Lakeville Hockey Association helped promote the NHL Players Charity Hockey Game.

"It is the philosophy of the Lakeville Hockey Association to offer a developmental program in which youth can learn the basic skills of hockey in a healthy competitive environment. Mastering of the fundamental skills and the fun of playing are essential to the development of a life-long interest in hockey."

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