Rink Rat 19


Hockey Star, Gigi Marvin has joined up with Defending The Blue Line® and has offered slots for military kids to attend her Rink Rat 19 hockey camp for several years.  Read more about Gigi Marvin and her involvement with DTBL here...

2015 - Great photos from Gigi Marvin's Warroad, Minnesota camps:

   IMG_2559.JPG           IMG_2558.JPG

   IMG_2557.JPG           IMG_2556.JPG

2014 - Camp slots were donated by Gigi to Defending The Blue Line® military kids in Minnesota.

2013: During this years hockey camp season, Gigi provided unlimited free slots for military kids at the Warroad and St. Paul, Minnesota camps.


2012: During the hockey camp season, Gigi provided slots in Warroad, Minnesota, Fort Collins, Colorado, and St. Paul, Minnesota.


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