Matt Martin Story

This story about Matt Martin was picked off a blog by a supporter of DTBL and avid fan of Matts. She wanted to share this story with you:

I'm not sure if all you Isles fans are aware of the Matt Martin story but it is a pretty incredible story that most of us Sarnia fans got to witness first hand while he played here.

Just over 4 years ago this kid was playing Junior C hockey as a 16 year old in Ontario trying to make it as a player that wasn't even drafted to the OHL and hoping to get noticed. Well he didn't get noticed very much but he was committed to succeeding at hockey and came to Sarnia to ask Dave McQueen if he could be a walk on and try out for the Sarnia Sting.

He came out to camp and impressed the hell out of all the coaches. They described his play as "an extremely determined individual that never gave up on a play and hit everything in sight". He may not have been the most talented individual at the time but he was raw and he earned his way onto the team and split time most of the year between the Sarnia Blast Jr. B club and the Sting.

He made the Sting the year after as a full time player and thrived playing with Steven Stamkos and Justin Dibenedetto. Even though he did benefit from having these two guys on his line, he did his job exceptionally well and really progressed as a player as the year went on.

He came back the next year and was named Captain of the team and had an exceptional year developing and leading the young group of guys into the playoffs. I have been following him quite a bit this year and he has started off pretty well in the Isles organization and is fulfilling his role as expected.

Today he finally gets the call up to the big club and debuts with 2 assists. This story is a really good example about a player having a dream and never giving up on that dream no matter what the odds were. McQueen who is still the Head Coach of the Sting today still spreads the word of the "Matt Martin Story". You guys have one hell of a determined individual on your hands that is only going to become a more dominant hockey player as the years go on because of his unbelievable work ethic and determination.

For those of you that already heard the story I'm glad it has been spread to the point that people outside the city of Sarnia have heard it and for those of you that haven't I hope it provides a little inspiration and a feel good story you can remember Matt Martin by.

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