Paul Martin


Paul Martin of the San Jose Sharks joined up to support Defending The Blue Line® in 2012. Martin, a Minneapolis native, has also played with the New Jersey Devils.

2014/2015 Hockey Season - Paul Martin is donating tickets for military families for Penguins home games. Apply for those tickets here.

September 29, 2014- Paul Martin of the Penguins recognized by DTBL founder and president Shane Hudella for contributions to the military kids of Defending The Blue Line®.

Paul Martin.jpg

2013/2014 Hockey Season - Paul Martin donated tickets for military families for Penguins home games.

October 19, 2013 - Great picture of a few deserving United States Marine Corp kids who got to go behind the scenes thanks to the Pittsburgh Penguins and Paul Martin.

August 3, 2013- Paul Martin attended the NHL Players Charity game at Ridder Arena on the University of Minnesota Campus. The game and autograph session was a benefit for Defending The Blue Line® and the military kids it supports.

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