Robby Glantz Power Skating

The Robby Glantz Power Skating supports DTBL by providing hockey camps for military children.

Robby Glantz Hockey School, based out of Sherman Oaks, California, has over 175 Power Skating Programs across North America. Every year since 2011, they have provided one free slot for military kids to every available camp across the nation. This huge donaion has made a major impact on DTBL military families.


Instructions for applicants:

1. Go to the Robby Glantz website to see if there is a camp near you. Available camps are in blue boxes and will have a camp #. Write down the # (number) of the camp. (You can just select from the list at the bottom of the form on this page, however if you want to see what ages and type of camp they are offering you will need to go to the Robby Glantz web site. The submission form below only has the location and date.)

2. Return to this page and fill out the submission form. At the bottom of the submission form are the #'s of the camps. Select your camp by it's number.

3. If you qualify and there is a slot available for the location you selected, you will be emailed a certificate to use when signing up on the Robby Glantz website.

Check back here often, as new camps are added throughout the season.

Contact KC at: with any questions regarding camps.

The submission form below is only for Robby Glantz camps. Register for a free camp now before the slots are filled.


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All questions with a * must be answered in order for submission to be sent to DTBL.  If all required questions were answered, then you will be redirected to a thank you page after hitting submit.

You will receive a verification email if your application qualifies and you have been accepted.  You may need to check your spam folder for verification emails.