NHL Game Tickets

A limited number of NHL game tickets and College hockey game tickets are available for military families who qualify. Who's Eligible? This season the ticket requests are coming into DTBL by the thousands and we have limited tickets to distribute. We are sorry to say that this means that we are unable to fulfill every request. Our staff is working hard with the NHL teams and players. We are hoping to obtain more tickets as the season continues.

Select the NHL Team that you would like tickets for:

4 Anaheim Ducks home game tickets in Anaheim, California

4 Arizona Coyotes home game tickets in Glendale, Arizona

4 Boston Bruins home game tickets in Boston, Massachusetts

4 Columbus Blue Jackets home game tickets in Columbus, Ohio

4 Dallas Stars "Alex's Army" (Alex Goligoski) home game tickets in Dallas, Texas

4 Iowa Wild home game tickets in Des Moines, Iowa

4 Los Angeles Kings home game tickets in Los Angeles, California

4 Minnesota Wild "Wild Warriors" home game tickets in St. Paul, Minnesota

4 Nashville Predators home game tickets in Nashville, Tennessee

4 New York Islanders Matt Martin home game tickets

Pittsburgh Penguins home game suite tickets provided by Evgeni Malkin.

4 Pittsburgh Penguins home game tickets in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

4 San Jose Sharks "Burnzie's Battalion" (Brent Burns) home game tickets in San Jose, California

4 Washington Capitals "Walton's Warriors" (John Walton) home game tickets in Washington, DC

Select the College Team that you would like tickets for:

4 University of Minnesota Golden Gophers Tickets

4 Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Engineers Tickets in Troy, New York


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